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Discernment in Motion: Fortifying and Defending God's Stronghold - Me


We must connect with the body to release seated emotions, our container for experience, circumstance, history, and prayer.

Come and discover God's unyielding presence within you as we become aware of the gift of breath, offering our prayer life through movement. Utilizing this awareness, we will navigate the waters of our human experiences, attachments, tendencies, desires, and aversions to recognize God amidst them all.

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And the Lord God formed us, breathed into our nostrils the breath of life, and we became a living soul.”


G E N E S I S  2 : 7, Kimi’s emphasis added

Discernment in Motion is Your 40-Day Journey


Every emotion has value and can be used to achieve good if explored honestly and allowed to move through the blockages we hold in the body.

We are vessels of the Holy Spirit, and vessels must be emptied before they can be filled. We journey as a community, opening and exploring, handing over to God all our blockages. 




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Is this course for you?

You are a beginner desiring to know how movement can fit into and even enhance the Christian Prayer life.

You recognize yourself as a unique, creative, and loved child of God with emotional blockages that hinder that connection. 

You have an open heart and a willingness to be with the Lord as He sees you - His beautiful, whole creation. 

You long to take your meditative practice ever deeper by inviting God to accompany you. 

You could use support and community to uplift you and hold you accountable.

You long to take your prayer into every moment of your day.

You would love to explore prayer through the connection of breath and movement. 

You find it hard to stay consistent and motivated in prayer, meditation, and movement, let alone all three in your busy schedule. 

You are skeptical and curious about how to invite God into a movement or meditation practice as a Christian, feeling the two might conflict rather than unite your prayer life.

Yes, This Sounds Like Me

“Your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God.”


1  C O R I N T H I A N S  6 : 1 9 - 2 0

After the 40 Day journey, you’ll have:

A community of like-minded Christians to support and affirm your life’s journey ahead.

Realigned goals that cultivate your relationship with God, so He becomes integrated into all of life.

Tools to find comfort while in the confines of discomfort through prayer, meditation, and movement.

Ways to manage and relieve daily stress by connecting with the breath and your living awareness of the Spirit.

Group guidance, support, and affirmation through our three live calls. 

Expanded knowledge of how movement can powerfully connect the mind, body, and Spirit, transforming your prayer. 

A means to openly and honestly communicate with God.

An established foundation in whole-body health: mind-body-spirit. 

Ways to recognize yourself through the eyes of our Creator as a unique, creative, purposeful, child of God because of what you hold inside. 

“Then He breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.”

J O H N  2 0 : 2 2

I Am Ready, Lord, To Begin My Journey

Your Tools for the Journey

40-day guided program with lifetime access
Come back any time!

Access to an exclusive online portal
View and download all your course materials and get inspiring ways to extend your practice beyond the mat

Three Live Calls with Kimi and your community
Ask questions, share your experience, and receive support as we begin together on September 13, 2021

Access to a supportive and helpful Christian community
Recieve encouragement on your life’s journey while creating a safe space for that witnessing gift to be returned

Beginner-friendly movements
Explanations of how the Trinity uniquely moves through you — honoring you as a unique image of God and cultivating your growing awareness with offerings of alternative postures and supportive props

Encouragement for all
Honoring both those who find challenge in movement and those who struggle in stillness



Free affirmation track you can download upon signing up for the course. Get started being empowered by the affirmations we will be working with throughout the 40-day journey.

Affirmation and journaling prompts for each day to offer “all-day” reminders of Trinitarian presence. Extend the foundation you build upon your mat into life beyond the mat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to deepen your prayer life by linking movement?


Do you want to explore your emotional body and honestly communicate what it holds with God? Would you like to discern all of life's moments by learning how to move with and beside him?

I began this journey toward really being - speaking - with God many years ago in a small chapel at a healing retreat. I promised that I would share this gift of communication with everyone He put in my path. That is why I am here; it is why I do what I do. And, I cannot wait to journey with each of you.  

Suppose you feel anxious or skeptical about the idea of movement, meditation, and Christianity working together. Do not worry; simply ask yourself, does my prayer life beckon growth. Are there emotional blockages that hinder my connection with Him? Growth and blockages will always require moving.

Suppose you are afraid of honestly exploring your emotions with God - communicating honestly with Him. In that case, I plead with you to take this journey.

My prayer is and will always be that you linger in conversation held in God's arms. 

Blessings and love,

“Perhaps this is the moment for which you've been created." 

E S T H E R  4 : 1 4

Let's Begin The Journey