Writing a Letter to God

body mind spirit Dec 19, 2020

You will not recognize me. This time, I put my pieces back differently.
-Malia Makana (Like Differently Love)

Ever wonder what those pieces might say to God?
What might He say to your pieces? 

So, why a letter to God? For me, there is no one else - no other answer. I've lived there! Those that reside among my letters will never read them. And, what remains? Shadows of wanting emotion dwelling within a soul. A soul that perceives she has all the answers. These letters flow from this darkness; wherein, once lie a bitter energy demanding healing, beckoning direction. The forgotten screams with no ear left to tarnish; repressed tears with no arms to comfort their flow; destructive behavior with no explanation. A wanting soul's outcry offered Him.

Do you find a piece of yourself in these words? Wait, listen, can you hear His whisper?

An illuminated space approaches. God awaiting. Energy redirected. Answers. Not society's - His - and they are NEVER what you expect.

Before 500 BCE, religion and poetry were largely the same things. People did not presume to be able to define the Mystery. They looked for words that could describe the Mystery. Poetry doesn’t claim to be a perfect description as dogma foolishly does. It’s a “hint half guessed,” to use T. S. Eliot’s phrase. [1] That’s why poetry seduces and entices you into being a searcher for the Mystery yourself. It creates the heart leap, the gasp of breath, inspiring you to go further and deeper; you want to fill in the blanks for yourself. (Richard Rohr Meditations)

This is your space. All art, including letters, are birthed from the author's soul. May God speak to you through the opening He's created in mine. He employs both people and circumstance to communicate with you - use this reflection to hear His voice… to facilitate communication between you and He who longs for you. Talking with someone - learning their intention - their loves and desires - their concerns and trials - takes time. Dwell within the lines with our Blessed Lord - let Him become your guide. There is a lot for the two of you to take in. Put time in God's hands.

Whatever place within your soul the letter touches - go deep. When you arrive, allow the emotions residing there to rise. If you are mad, be mad. If you overwhelmed, be overwhelmed. If you are overjoyed, allow yourself to cry out in elation. Go back to the words day after day. Peacefully accept that whatever you carry to this place - He awaits to carry its weight.

Be patient. Hear His whisper. Allow Him to redirect any stagnant energy. Feel Him lift the weight. He loves you - He longs to live in your soul with whatever you hold there.

Now Write…

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