What Yoga is to us.

body mind Aug 06, 2021

Breath. At Trinity Movement, our main focus throughout all of our practices is the breath.


Breath is the silent conversation between you and God. Every inhale fills you up, just as He fills you up. Every exhale alleviating stress as God alleviates every stress. It is the silent "thank you" to Him. Each breath reminds us we are alive and well, basking in His glory. Maybe on some days, it is a silent apology.

When you really focus on the inhale and exhale pattern of the breath, you are creating a conversation with God. You are breathing with intent. You become more aware of how the breath fills you up just as He does.

We often do not focus on breathing, it is a basic, subconscious skill used in everyday life. So, to sit in silence or in movement and breath with intent is to dedicate a moment to God.

That is what yoga is to us. Yoga is harnessing that breath. Not only learning how to breathe intently but learn to listen, in order to sit and talk with the Lord.

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