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spirit Jan 01, 2021

Joshua 24:15
"...choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve...but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

We all have to make choices, and our Blessed Lord affords us the power of free will to make those choices to our liking, whether productive or not. The will lies within you, which is a house of sorts, for it contains all of what you hold. This house can shun or welcome; it can push away or embrace; it can destroy or prepare the way.

Think for a moment the choices you make in the minutes of your day. Most likely, you are so busy, you don't even realize them until they amount to perhaps hours or days or even months. But, the way you affect people, yourself, and God is in the steps you take in the minutes of your days. Be intentional with those steps, for they either lead you toward or away from Him. 

Focus on your steps today. Where are they leading you? Who or what is in your path? Are you able to recognize this gift of freewill? Why did God place this opportunity in your way? What do you require as you step forward left, then right, left, right? Do your feet fall heavily or lightly as you approach? He paved your path before you ever awoke this morning - everything is intentional - pay attention. There is a choice in every minute, and if you answer with His intention, He connects your minutes to hours to days. Then, you look back and can see the steps clearly. Ah, yes, thank you, Lord. Smile.

Let us end with a small poem:

In the seconds, help me breath;

in the minutes, help me lead;

in the hours, help me linger;

in the days, help me remember.


-help us to remember, we are pilgrims, journeying - BecomingSound-


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