Pining for Spring

mind spirit Feb 12, 2021

The Earth awakens
From a restful slumber;
Green parachutes emerge
Beneath her mighty lumber.
A yawn of rebirth
Nudges sleepy trees;
White blossoms of growth
Pirouette among the breeze.Roots begin to wander,
fields offer bitter yellows;
a graceful mother bird sings;
Earth welcomes her new sparrow.
Faithful hands gently plow,
Anticipation tills the dirt;
In tidy rows, nourishment,
New life, we insert.
Calendula provides its honey;
The thistle offers milk;
A lovely spider to us extends
Her beautiful art of silk.
Cold woods of Winter don
Flora sewn with brightest greens
Warm rays pierce the frock
Forest floor kissed in seams.
Our minds no longer pine
For pastures graced by lush,
Or yearn for those lyrics
To breach Winter’s hush.
The tangy taste of green
Peaks above the rich soil;
A cock begins to loudly crow;
Hooves thunder beneath the foal.
Days lend to us more light;
Snows feed our thirsty streams;
Like a mother offers a child herself,
Earth bestows to us her Spring.

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