In a Bite of Holy Bread

spirit Oct 15, 2021

As I stand in this line,

Lord, hear my plea.

What am I to do after

I have consumed Thee?


For I feel Your mighty

presence here in this room;

yet, I feel unworthy

to carry forth

the responsibility

I consume.


Oh, My sweet child,

do not worry

on such things;

just let that you have

consumed within

now be a spring.


Allow it to feed

one and then two,

My presence

now flows stronger

through both of you.


If you two go

forward and spread

what together you hold,

My presence then

to all will begin to unfold.


Oh, think of

the strength

you will then feel –

One taste of

My bread through

many becomes real.


Remember long ago

the words that I said.

It is there you’ll find strength

in a bite of Holy Bread.


‘Where two or three

are gathered together

in my name’ –


'There I will be' -


what began

with consumed Bread

now being proclaimed.

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