A Circle Stained Blue

May 21, 2021
One night, as I sat in Mass
Behind the alter - a circle
of what I perceived to be glass.
I focused on the darkness
encircling this riddle.
A faint image of Jesus;
this form in the middle?
It must be a window,
this mysterious shape.
For if not, the figure within
one's eye would escape?
The next morning,
to the chapel, I return;
not giving
attention to last night's concern.
I positioned myself
within the back pew.
Raising my head,
gleamed a circle stained blue.
There in the middle,
my suspicion confirmed;
it was Jesus encircled
in sunlight's warm burn.
His feet rested gently
on a pillow of clouds.
They didn't merely support him,
but to his presence did bow.
His hands outstretched
to gesture, "I'm Here!"
This illuminated refrain
made his message to me clear.
If we focus in the darkness
to see a faint image, we fight.
Just imagine what we see
when we step into the light.

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