Balancing the Martha and Mary in all of us

Jan 08, 2021

Today’s Haves, Needs, and Wants

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time... - John Lennon           


Begin to make time this week amidst the Have-to's and Need-to's for the Want-to's!

Sit down right now, and take out a sheet of paper. Divide it into thirds. Entitle each division, separately, like this:  


Now, let's fill them!

1. Have-To's

Think absolute priority here. Appointments, commitments, chores, and errands that MUST be done today. If you have more than five items in this category, rethink your day! Truthfully, most of our to-do's fall under the next title.

2 . Need-To's

This is where most of us live - stressing - thinking everything here belongs above. But we strive to dwell in the category below. When prioritizing your day, what of the above items can wait until tomorrow, next week, later in the month? Do not think of this space as a procrastination area, but an allowance - a reevaluation of the minutes you lend to life's demands. We all live to get ahead - rush to wait - desire time we wasted away. This is the space that lends itself to redirection. 

3. Want-To's

The space we all need and an integral component to peace and wellbeing. This is the place that makes all the time lent to the above categories valuable. What you put here fulfills the quote: Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time! This is the "YOU" space. What makes you happy? Brings you joy? Provides you peace? Make sure you spend at least 30 minutes here per day! Every minute you dedicate here helps you view all the other minutes in your day differently. 

Begin inviting these minutes into your life today! It is the threading together of the minutes that help us to recognize the hours and create beautiful days. 


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