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Yoga at the Farm


Classes in a wide range of yoga disciplines, limited to 6 participants, at a beautiful farm setting in the Alpharetta area.

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We offer a variety of retreats! Join us at Ignatius House in Atlanta, Elohee Retreat Center, or live online!

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What Our Clients Say 

This is the first time in a yoga practice that I can feel the Spirit radiate through me.


Thank you. I have been praying and searching for a Christian yoga/exercise program. One that is prayer-based. I’m so excited to get started.


Thank you for your guidance on my journey; a remarkable path so far. 


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The Three Pillars 

Pillar 1: Breathe

connecting with ourselves 


Calm the breath - Calm the self 


Quiet the mind, invite it to respond to the breath's rhythm in meditative movement and prayer. Breathe with God anywhere, any time of day, amid life's demands, through these 5 to 20-minute online yoga, breath, and prayer practices. Be filled with His peace, calm the self, persevere in the day ahead. 



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Pillar 2: Connect

connecting with others 


Share the breath - Calm another 


Ask questions, celebrate triumphs, honor trials, and breathe together through communal conversation and practice. We connect virtually and in-person through live calls, retreats, days of reflection, Yoga at Old Jones Farm, and Trinity Community to share the breadth of our faith. Come, breathe, and share a moment of renewal. 


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Pillar 3: Become

connecting with God 


Deepen the breath - Calm the longing 


Dive into the depths of movement and meditation. Explore who you are and who you long to become. Encounter healing and transformation as you work through these bite-size, longer practices. Day by day, week by week, journey with Christ, notice the Spirit's movement, fulfill God's purpose in and through you. 


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"Find God in all things"...this Ignatian phrase is our mantra and the foundation for the development of our Three Pillars. It invites us to "stop and smell the flowers" inevery life-offering moment.  

 These three flowers symbolize this awareness reminding us to seek God's presence in all. His continual Creative potential and desire to be known resides in recognizing the most simple things often overlooked or avoided.   


The hyacinth symbolizes perseverance and peace. St. Ignatius believed that every thought, feeling, and desire possess the power to move us closer to or further from God. Our breath can radically react to the will, intellect, and emotions driven by life's demands upon the mind, disconnecting us from ourselves, and thereby God. 


The lily symbolizes faith and rebirth. We do not suffer nor triumph for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of others. Jesus taught us to love as God loves. A breath shared in and through community connects us to one another and Creation, reminding us that every faithful inhale taken and exhale given Creates a new moment.  



The columbine symbolizes the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Psalm 143: 10 instructs, "Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your kind Spirit guide me...." We long to encounter transformation. Reflect on your gifts, discern your purpose, and recognize the Spirit as your guide toward God's voice within.