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Integrating the Trinity starts here.


This hyacinth symbolizes prudence and peace of mind. Your will, intellect, and emotions are driven by the mind. We incorporate routine, mindful practices that help you renew your mind in harmony with the triune God.


The lily conceptualizes sanctity and resurrection. Your body, connected to the outside world, is part of Creation. We align your physical presence with God's purpose for you.


The Latin word 'columbia,' meaning dove, is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Seven blooms on a stalk represent the seven gifts of the Spirit. Your spirit is the eternal you. We help feed your spirit by infusing prayer, worship, meditation, and gratitude into your day.

Hello, I’m Kimi! I’m the co-founder and host of Trinity Movement.


believe we are all unique, purposefully created children of God. Combining the traditions of East and West, I journey with others toward connection with this truth by becoming aware of the breath – the living, moving Spirit within you. Breathe, Connect with God. There you begin to find Him in all things and Become who He created you to be.

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The Three Pillars

The Trinity Movement membership is designed to be experienced through three pillars: Breathe, Connect, and Become. These three pillars create a balanced approach to spiritual formation that will connect you with God, yourself, and your community. Our foundational Breathe classes draw people closer to God. Our Connect Pillar brings us together in community to dive into God's Word in a deep and meaningful way. And our Become courses challenge our members to put their faith into action to fulfill God's purpose.

Pillar 1: Breathe

If you wish to practice meditation or Christian yoga keep reading. All classes are under 25 minutes. Discern God's movements within. Journey with God today. Whether you are moving frantically into the first steps of your day or moving laboriously towards slumber, invite Him into every breath.

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Pillar 2: Connect

If you wish to Connect to your fellow Trinity Community, you're in the right place! Ask questions, celebrate triumphs and receive fellowship through prayer. Join us in Trinity Community! We connect through live calls, retreats, days of reflection, and within the online group to share our experiences and passion for living a Christian lifestyle.

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Pillar 3: Become

If you want a more structured program to invite deeper conversation with God, welcome to Become! St. Ignatius believed that one's thoughts, feelings, and actions move them closer to or further from God. Dive into one of our courses and encounter surrender through the gift of discernment and prayer.

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What Our Clients Say 

This is the first time in a yoga practice that I can feel the Spirit radiate through me.


Thank you. I have been praying and searching for a Christian yoga/exercise program. One that is prayer-based. I’m so excited to get started.


This was great. I appreciate the cueing and reminders to breathe through the poses. What a blessing to find your program.



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