Instilling the Triune God into your every moment.

Do you yearn to grow your relationship with God ever deeper? Do you long to sit and communicate openly, honestly, with Christ? Do you desire to feel the movement of the Holy Spirit within? 

Then, welcome to Trinity Movement. 

We are here, with you, to grow closer to God. Together, we ask Him to instill in us an awareness of His presence as Spirit in breath. 

Move toward stillness. Speak to listen. Breath life. Relish the moments. Know you are loved. 

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Integrating the Trinity starts here.


This hyacinth symbolizes prudence and peace of mind. Your will, intellect, and emotions are driven by the mind. We incorporate routine, mindful practices that help you renew your mind in harmony with the triune God.


The lily conceptualizes sanctity and resurrection. Your body, connected to the outside world, is part of Creation. We teach you nutrition and movement exercises to align your physical presence with His service.


The Latin word 'columbia,' meaning dove, is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Seven blooms on a stalk represent the seven gifts of the Spirit. Your spirit is the eternal you. We help feed your spirit by infusing prayer, worship, meditation, and gratitude into your day.

Hello, I’m Kimi! I’m the co-founder and host of Trinity Movement.


I feel incredibly blessed to have you join us here! After being diagnosed with stress-induced hypertension, I heard Jesus say, "You forgot to include me in your well-being. Allow me to accompany you in every momentary breath, for I am here." For years, I studied mind, body, spirit wellness through the avenues of yoga, nutrition, spiritual direction, and theology. I learned to redefine my lifestyle with faith and trust at its center. Now I pray through this sharing, I can guide you toward inviting God into your becoming whole.

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Discernment in Motion

"When one is aware of God's presence, it is then they should consider how they will conduct themselves during the time of unawareness and searching. They should, in this time of consolation, store up a supply of strength as defense against such desolating times."                         

  -Saint Ignatius

Join me as we learn to harness steadiness and patience. We will learn to sit in comfort within the confines of discomfort by connecting with the breath within that is Spirit. We will explore not only what we feel, but where we feel, breathing into that space to find a place of rest. 


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The "Trinity 20"

"Number 20 in the Bible, symbolizes the cycles of completeness. It is not so widely used, but often it is connected to a perfect period of waiting, labor or suffering that is compared to a trial and rewarded."


We all need to spend time with Christ, and some days it is easier to find that time than others. We all have days when we come home and want to just watch TV or get to bed early. We invite you to join our Trinity "20" weekly classes to take a quick breath and sit with God. These classes will all be around 20-minutes and will give you the much-needed break to be with Christ. 

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Christian Yoga Retreat

"When I practice the exercise of being aware of my body sensations or of my breathing, can I be said to be communicating with God? The answer is Yes."

- Anthony De Mello

Welcome the warmth of Summer! Come and discover God's warmth within you as we read and experience together Anthony de Mello's Sadhana: A Way to God. We will practice and join in community over the next seven weeks as we invite God to dwell ever deeper into our daily lives.

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Try our free 7 Days of Forgiveness Course to utilize dynamic movement and meditational stillness.

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What Our Clients Say 

My husband and I did it and it was just where we needed to be in our return, beginning with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


Thank you for all your help and guidance... I'm looking forward to the next session!

Lucy H.

Thank you, I definitely needed this. I'm wanting to share my faith more and this helps me a lot!

Lisa G.


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