Instilling God into your daily health, wellness, and fitness routine.

Are you hesitant about wellness practices that align with your faith? We’re committed to bringing awareness of the Trinity moving throughout your life and guiding you in incorporating the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit with your mind, body, and spirit — one movement at a time.

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Integrating the Trinity starts here.


This hyacinth symbolizes prudence and peace of mind. Your will, intellect, and emotions are driven by the mind. We incorporate routine, mindful practices that help you renew your mind in harmony with the triune God.


The lily conceptualizes sanctity and resurrection. Your body, connected to the outside world, is part of Creation. We teach you nutrition and movement exercises to align your physical presence with His service.


The Latin word 'columbia,' meaning dove, is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Seven blooms on a stalk represent the seven gifts of the Spirit. Your spirit is the eternal you. We help feed your spirit by infusing prayer, worship, meditation, and gratitude into your day.

Hello, I’m Kimi! I’m the co-founder and host of Trinity Movement.


I feel incredibly blessed to have you join us here! After being diagnosed with stress-induced hypertension, I heard Jesus say, "You forgot to include me in your well-being. Allow me to accompany you in every momentary breath, for I am here." For years, I studied mind, body, spirit wellness through the avenues of yoga, nutrition, spiritual direction, and theology. I learned to redefine my lifestyle with faith and trust at its center. Now I pray through this sharing, I can guide you toward inviting God into your becoming whole.

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Beginner Christian Yoga

Transform your prayer by balancing healthy, empowering movement with realigning, loving stillness. Recognize the Spirit within you as a unique, peaceful, grounding breath that is calling you to nurture yourself in the midst of life’s beckonings.

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Private 1:1 Sessions with Kimi Nettuno

Bring awareness of God into every aspect of your life in this limited twelve participant, two-year program. You begin with a free 20-minute consultation and personalized questionnaire to determine your unique constitution. We then journey together through a year of monthly 90-minute one-on-one sessions to discuss your mind-body-spirit wellness and how it wholly fulfills God's purpose. Stay on track with supported guidance in your second year's quarterly check-ins inspired by the seasons.

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Ashes to Ashes
A Lenten Journey

This Lenten journey guides you through the forty days of Lent with a reflection on Sundays to encourage you to walk alongside Christ as He journeys to Calvary. We commit together to this dynamic practice of giving and receiving through these next weeks of movement, meditation, Scripture, and prayer. Broken down into four daily opportunities to visit Christ along The Way, we infuse our day with His presence. You are not alone on this pilgrimage: receive active support through our Live Sessions and online community.

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Try our free 7 Days of Forgiveness Course to utilize dynamic movement and meditational stillness.

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What Our Clients Say 

Thank you, Kimi! The meditations and experience from your class have taken me through my week with a little bit more peace and awareness of the awesomeness of His creation. I recommend to anyone who thinks they could use some quiet, relaxing, tranquil and serene time to themselves, try Kimi’s class. I loved how we invited Jesus to come and be with us in the most perfect setting. All of my senses and my spirit were rejuvenated.

Shelly K.

Thank you for your time this past week. It was very good to talk through all this stuff with you. I have been paying more attention to how I feel after I eat. Also, knowing that digestion is at its peak around noon is extremely valuable in planning meals. I look forward to seeing the recipes you send and can’t wait to meet again!

Jen R.

Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you as a vessel to do His work! Thanks for being amongst the Chosen, and for responding to the Call. I welcome the opportunity to join you on the journey, especially now that the “backpack” is lighter! 

Rika R.


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